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Innovation and sustainability for the energy transition


The collaboration of diverse experts in the FOURIER project plays a key role in the definition of a new hybrid construction supply chain, promoting sustainable and accessible production for the world’s energy transition.

Optimising critical infrastructures Camlin Group provide innovative and intelligent monitoring products and services that help make electricity and rail networks safer, more efficient, resilient and sustainable. Camlin Energy works with key partners across the renewable energy sector to provide cutting-edge technology and services to drive reliability of the network.

Through interaction between a variety of disciplines, Eurac Research addresses the greatest challenges of the future: keeping societies healthy, fostering intact environments, promoting sustainable energy and developing well-functioning political and social systems.

IMEM develops interdisciplinary research approaches in the field of materials science, which include advanced methods of preparation and characterization of materials and device manufacturing technologies, conceived with the aim of exploring and demonstrating the functional properties of the materials themselves.

Focchi specialises in the design and installation of bespoke facades, actively seeking cutting-edge solutions for the construction industry. The Innovation Department, responsible for identifying sustainable and innovative technologies for facades, engages in collaborative research projects with research institutes and universities.

Applied Materials‘s expertise in modifying materials at atomic levels and on an industrial scale facilitates the implementation of materials engineering solutions used to produce virtually every new chip and advanced display in the world.


  • New Advances in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics and High-Efficiency Solar Cells

    Latest news on the FOURIER Project: advancements in photovoltaic system integration and high-efficiency solar cells The first half of the project has seen significant strides, with research and development efforts focused on two key areas as outlined in the FOURIER technical specifications.

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  • A new partnership for FOURIER project

    Let’s revolutionise the way we design and make buildings with BIPV solutions (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)! We are thrilled to be leading the FOURIER project, focused on developing a technological photovoltaic system integrated in building façades.

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  • FOURIER project won CSEA call for proposal

    Where technology meets sustainability, a new partnership in the construction-energy sector has been born! The great changes driven by the energy transition and the need to improve the efficiency of buildings’ consumption bring opportunities to innovate new solutions for the electricity sector, in an architectural context.

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