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New Advances in Building-Integrated Photovoltaics and High-Efficiency Solar Cells

Latest news on the FOURIER Project: advancements in photovoltaic system integration and high-efficiency solar cells

The first half of the project has seen significant strides, with research and development efforts focused on two key areas as outlined in the FOURIER technical specifications.

🏢 Line 1: development of building-integrated photovoltaic solutions

To combine the technological and design requirements of the photovoltaic façade with formal and architectural needs, Focchi Group, Institute for Renewable Energy – Eurac Research, Applied Materials and Camlin Italy (Henesis office) focused on activities related to the planning, design and technical integration for the BIPV façade.

The advancements made in this area are incredibly promising. This integration not only enhances the visual aesthetics of buildings but also maximises the utilisation of solar energy for sustainable power generation.

🌞 Line 2: high-efficiency solar cells

The development and prototyping of solar cells required a close collaboration between Camlin, IMEM-CNR and Applied Materials.

Camlin and IMEM-CNR have set up a “Sinergy lab” to join forces in formulation and production activities and to speed up the development of FOURIER. Complex research process to reach project milestones requires dedicated personnel from both CNR and Camlin working side by side on a daily basis optimizing inks, deposition processes and thermal treatments for thin PV production.

Our commitment to the project’s goals also led to a significant upgrade of the lab’s equipment, enabling the installation of the Glove Box and the Planetary Ball Mill, the upgrade of the Aerosol Jet Printer, and other improvements to provide a further boost to research and development activities.

The FOURIER project represents an important initiative for the development of the strategic sector that is the Italian photovoltaic industry, in a context of the renewable energy transition.
By merging innovation, technology, and sustainability, we aim to promote a sustainable and affordable energy production, contributing to a greener planet.

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